Friday, November 10, 2006

A Good Idea Gone Astray

A moderately sized shuttle NOT used by Rec & Park(ing)

GRIFFITH PARK, CA – Locals celebrated when the Department of Recreation and Park(ing) announced that they were going to ban automobiles from the Griffith Observatory and instead use shuttles to move people up and down Mt. Hollywood.

In hindsight, the public erred in assuming that a Rec & Park(ing) commitment to shuttles was synonymous with a commitment to moderation, sustainable technology, traffic mitigation, noise reduction and other purported benefits of the shuttle access plan.

Instead, Rec and Park(ing) demonstrated a completely cavalier attitude to the delicate balance of nature as it took the largest buses available (the 18-wheelers used to move cattle were not available on such short notice) and lined them up with engines idling, filling our urban paradise with a noxious reminder that when given a small piece of rope, Rec & Park(ing) will find a way to flog the community.

Large shuttle buses wreaking havoc on the environment

When asked why the buses were always idling one driver responded that it was to ensure that the air conditioning could continue to run.

Another driver confided to SoapBoxLA that the motivation for leaving the buses idling was that they didn’t consistently start and that a stalled bus would mess up the schedule.

SoapBoxLA watched the buses both arrive and depart, some full and some with as few as 6 passengers.

How long will it be before we ditch the tour buses, ransack the LACity motor pool, pull out a couple of dozen Council Deputy hybrids, load them up like Eastern Bloc taxis and send them up the hill?

Tap, tap. Anyone? Cough, cough. Hello?

The shuttle concept is a good idea. Cough. It is just in the wrong hands. Speak up. Call Tom LaBonge at 213.485.3337 and ask him to put people first. Cough. Ask him to join you for a ride.


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