Monday, November 08, 2010

We ARE Traffic!

Driver of 207 orange bus takes a break
in right turning lane to the 101 Fwy,
while traffic is backed up
for an entire block behind it. 
When Metro Bus Operators drive their buses on the busy streets of LA, they are governed by the same CVC rules as other road users plus some additional Metro policies plus the higher standards that come with holding a professional operator's license...EXCEPT when it's break time!

This bus operator stopped in a Hollywood Blvd. red-curbed travel lane on the approach to the 101 Freeway at 5 pm, stacking up right turning traffic for an entire block, all in order to pick up sustenance and nutrition at a 7-11 market.

"We ARE Traffic!"

One would think that the operator of the passing Rapid Bus would find the "break-time" conflict inconvenient. But the popularity of this Hollywood Blvd. break spot demonstrates that the "See Nothing, Say Nothing" code is still in effect.

Equally disturbing is the fact that this happens with such impunity. Does the LAPD have a "See Nothing, Cite Nothing" code in effect?

Most disturbing is the fact that Metro bus operators fend for themselves when it comes time to using the "facilities" or taking a lunch break. (DASH operators have it even worse, taking their breaks on the sidewalk of Hollywood Blvd. or in the back of an idling car.) If the mass transit authorities have no respect for their staff, it's small wonder that they have no respect for the public.

Perhaps its time to set aside the "We are traffic!" banner and remind Metro "We are People!" This applies to bus operators, cyclists, transit passengers, motorists, pedestrians and police officers.

That's when the quality of life on the streets of LA will improve for everybody.

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Anonymous said...

I've never really had problems with LA's Metro, but then again I didn't ride all to often. I think it is safe to say East Bay's AC Transit is MUCH worse. They talk on their cellphones, hide the cellphones when I confront them. They stop before the last stop because they have to use the bathroom. They leave 5 minutes ahead of schedule, skip stops, they say mean things about passengers they don't like when those particular passengers get off. They smoke on the bus WHILE OPERATING IT! They give free rides to regulars that befriend them yet will not offer free rides to people who desperately need them. They run red lights, they don't care if anyone tags on the bus. Well I can't say these are things that all AC Transit bus operators do, but these are all things that I have experienced....

Where has the professionalism gone?