Thursday, October 01, 2009

Doug Failing Resigns from Caltrans and Moves to Metro

Photo by Mr. Roullier

It's a sad day for Caltrans, a really sad day for the cyclists of the Caltrans Bicycle Advisory Committee!

Caltrans District 7 Director Doug Failing announced his resignation from Caltrans today, informing the Caltrans staff of his move to the Metro where he will serve as the Executive Director of the Highway Program.

Doug Failing is an uncommon man, open and honest and forthright and direct and so completely driven by integrity that he inspires those around him to reach for greatness.

He began working for Caltrans many years ago as a brand new Engineer and one of his first assignments was to stand on the freeway on-ramps with flyers that explained how the Diamond lanes worked. He has come a long way since those early days.

Somewhere along the way he earned a reputation for his commitment to "on time and under budget" performance which complemented his pursuit of innovations in management, funding, communications and technology.

More specific to my endeavors, Doug Failing is the man responsible for bringing together cyclists from Ventura and Los Angeles Counties to form the Caltrans Bicycle Advisory Committee, a group that he leads and that meets bi-monthly to advise him on cycling issues in the District 7 region. His commitment to making "routine accommodations" come to life and actually mean something for the cyclists on the road set a standard against which all others will be compared.

I am truly sad to see Doug Failing leave his post at Caltrans, I think it is a tremendous loss for the Caltrans team and for the community as a whole. At the same time, I know that the Metro's new CEO, Art Leahy, is making a smart move by positioning Doug Failing in a power position.

Ultimately, this move is based on what's best for Doug and his family and I trust that he finds his new position rewarding both professionally and financially.

We all owe Doug Failing a big round of thanks for his contributions at Caltrans.

Stephen Box


From: Doug Failing

My friends,

I've recently had to make one of the most difficult decisions of my career. I will be leaving Caltrans at the end of this month, October. My reasons for leaving are solely financial. We have always been on the low end of the pay scale in Los Angeles, but the added burden of the furloughs is harming my family. I will and have personally sacrificed much for the Department, but I will not sacrifice my family.

I want to tell you all about how proud I have been to be your District Director and to have lead and worked with you for all these years. No matter what the challenge has been, District 07 has risen to meet and overcome the obstacle. Not only are you doing better work than any other group I know of, you are being innovative in bringing new technology to use in reducing congestion, building better pavements and solving transportation problems. You are also leading the state in helping stimulate the economy by putting construction people to work and have developed new programs to make sure we do more and better business with California Small Businesses. Maybe I had a little bit to do with coming up with some of these ideas, but you made them work. I have to tell you that it is critical that you continue to be the voice of innovation and creativity in transportation, not just in California, but in the nation.

I have accepted a great position as the Executive Director of the Highway Program at our partner agency, Los Angeles County Metro. I expect that we will continue to be able to work together in the future.

Doug Failing
District 07 Director

Photo by Mr. Roullier

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jessica said...

Well said - His open and accessible leadership style has been a great thing to observe on the Caltrans BAC and I'm sure elsewhere for many caltrans employees.