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CityWatchLA - NC Leaders Prepare Plan to Save City Money, Restructure DONE (Video)

Wendy Greuel @ LANCC Feb. 6, 2010 - Complete + Q&A by Michael N Cohen.

CityWatch, Feb 9, 2010
Vol 8 Issue 11

This past Saturday, more than 60 neighborhood council representatives from around the city gathered at the LA Neighborhood Councils Coalition forum to hear City Controller Wendy Greuel and LA Police Protective League Director John Mumma offer their perspectives on LA’s budget crisis.

When the dust had cleared and the speakers were gone, Shawn Simons stepped up with an audacious proposal, one that offers to restructure the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment (DONE), move the NC funding program to an independent organization (Video) that services non-profits and community groups, and to deliver budget cuts in excess of the CAO’s recommendations.

All of this is in anticipation of Tuesday’s City Council session (10 a.m. at City Hall) when the CAO’s recommendation for the NC funding will be considered. On the City Council agenda is a proposal for the neighborhood council funding program that will the eliminate the “rollover” policy, transfer of all suspended “rollover” funds, eliminate of the bankcard system, revise the definition of allowable expenditure categories, and apply a 50% cut to annual neighborhood council funding. (LANCC Proposal )

After considerable deliberation, the LANNC participants acted with an overwhelming vote to advise the City Council:

1. LANCC wants the City Council to consider outsourcing the fiscal responsibilities of DONE to a non-profit, public service corporation (such as the California Community Foundation).

This is recommended because of DONE’s difficulties in creating and managing a satisfactory accounting system for the NCs. These difficulties are well known to NC Treasurers all across the City. They were documented in the Controller’s recent audit of the NCs.

2. LANCC wants the City Council to know that LANCC is developing a proposal for an alternate organization for DONE with much greater involvement of the NCs in the areas of Public Relations, Government Liaisons and Training (Education).

We heard and began development on such a program, one designed to save the City an additional $ 3.4 million for a total of $4.7 million in budget cuts.

3. In consideration of the above, LANCC will ask the City Council to send the C.F. #09-0600- S159 Items (9 – 10(e)), (9 – 18), (9 – 19), (9 – 20), (9 – 21) to the E&N Committee for further review and deliberation; deliberations which involve the NC Stakeholders in the process of devising, refining and presenting a more specific restructuring proposal.


• City Council Meeting-Tuesday (10 a.m.) at City Hall. Decisions on budget recommendations including cuts NC funding and DONE

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