Sunday, November 23, 2008

Bike Writers Collective at

BikeTalk, a new show over at KillRadio, gave the Bike Writers Collective the opportunity to recap our recent exploits at the city's Transpo Committee and the endorsement we picked up for the Cyclists' Bill of Rights.

Erik and I rode over to Kill Radio's luxurious studio, located at Beverly & Vermont. Enci and Alex joined in telephonically and then we were four, fully one-third of the Bike Writers Collective!

BikeTalk's host, Nick Richert, has put JimB of the BikeKitchen and JimC of Orange20 to work as the moderators of the no-holds-barred, free form open forum arena of microphone jousting that is Kill Radio.

We quickly covered the CBR and its journey. Erik then regaled us with his take on the shocking but completely in-character manner in which the LAPD completely blew off the City Councilmembers who strongly urged the LAPD to hold off from harrassing cyclists for not having bike licenses, at least until the City Council could review the municipal code.

Apparently encouraged by the arrogance of the LAPD, the LADOT got in the game of cavalier by offering up bits of logic defying wisdom such as "the presence of Sharrows might encourage cycling which could interfere with the flow of traffic and would then cause traffic congestion."

Erik hit a nerve and both PC and Rhode Bloch called in, both of whom hold bike license tickets for daring to ride the Streets of LA without the proper documentation.

The show was great fun, Eric Potter joined us at the Studio and Veronica was there to keep us in line and online. We were rockin' through the issues, covering bike rights and bike routes and bike rides and then we were brought to a humbling fork in the road; the technical question. Amanda wanted to know about French 3 speed hubs, bottom brackets and coaster brakes.

The bike activists in the studio moved over to the luxurious and well-appointed craft service table for Bellinis, crumpets, gingerbread waffles and fresh Kopi Luwak, the Indonesian coffee of champions and KillRadio.

Professors JimB and Jim C took on the tech challenge like champs, parrying and thrusting and debating the merits of French hubs, bottom brackets and other...stuff. The debating turned out such great fun that JimB offered up his theory of riding sans illumination at night which inflamed the masses and opened up the floor to strong opinion on big streets vs. little streets, bright lights vs. no lights and then took on the whole notion of the invisible cyclist.

BikeTalk was a lot of fun and the show is a great complement to our favorite show - Talk is Cheap hosted by DJChickenleather and Veronica. (BWSK)

"See you on the Streets Air!"

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