Saturday, October 21, 2006

Free Range Hungarians!

GRIFFITH PARK, CA - SurviveLA submits this pic as evidence that the Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Park(ing) is not just responsive to the complaints from the community, it is over-reactive, punitive and petty!

In a prior post, we shared our concerns with the Rec and Park(ing) prohibition on pedestrian and cycling traffic through the Vermont Tunnel.

Apparently the complaints to those in power were numerous and included a few phone messages made by someone of Eastern Bloc origins.

We understand the ban on cars. There are too many, they don’t fit, it’s a park! Walk, ride a bike, take a nap, hug a tree. Just get out of the car.

But we don’t understand the ban on Hungarians. After all, they have the oldest underground subway in the world. We could learn from them.

They also have the largest Critical Mass in the world, gathering 25,000 to 30,000 cyclists at a time to celebrate cycling and drink the Kool-Aid.

And so we urge you to join us again in calling Rec and Park(ing) and asking that the Vermont Tunnel be opened to all people on foot or on bicycle. (but not in a car!)

While you have them on the phone, remind them to take a look at demand actuated “cyclist in tunnel” signal that would address the safety issues found in a narrow mountain tunnel.

Cyclists just hit the signal as they enter the tunnel, lights flash for a pre-determined length of time, motorists are alerted to the occupants in the tunnel.

SoapBoxLA would love to work with Rec & Park(ing) on developing a multi-modal access plan for Griffith Park and it starts with putting people first, not cars.

Jon Kirk Mukri, General Manager of Rec and Park(ing)

Marilyn J. White, Acting Griffith Region Superintendent


Survive LA said...

I went up to the observatory today and the sign has been changed to, "No Bloggers or Idlers in Tunnel".

But seriously, I'm gonna make some calls on this one. This situation is ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

Is this thing for real?