Sunday, October 29, 2006

Public Displays of Affection

LOS ANGELES, CA – Union Station, with its eclectic mix of Aztec and Moorish architectural influences, played host to LA’s most exclusive new nightclub this past Wednesday night. The cavernous ticket lobby filled to overflowing with a crowd that came from all over LA, in all shapes and sizes and styles and ages and sensitivities but with one huge, significant thing in common; nobody arrived in an automobile.

No amount of money could buy entrée into Global Inheritance’s “Public Displays of Affection.” Patrons were required to show their Metro tickets in order to gain admittance. No exceptions.

Proving to be as cold and heartless as the best Door Hosts in Hollywood, the PDofA staff were brutally efficient as they separated the transit guests from the motorists.

“But I’m with the Band!”

“I’m afraid not, you smell like an automobile. Next!”

Union Station is a stunning environment on any day and under any conditions but especially so when filled with music, people, energy, all creating a sense of destination.

Even the energy on the Red Line was ramped up as revelers rode to the exclusive party. Gone was the subdued anonymity of the traditional commuter and in its place was the spark of expectation.

People came together to show public transportation a little love, to celebrate freedom, to create community, to demonstrate a new sensibility and to demonstrate a commitment to a sustainable lifestyle.

Oh, yeah! They came to party!

Local cycling whacktivists gathered in Union Station’s Traxx Restaurant and Bar to solve the world’s problems and to discuss the futification© of Los Angeles.

(Note: To discuss the future is to “discussify.” To create the future is to “futify.” To do it well is to “gratify.”)

Mike Alive, Futurist, teased those within earshot with details of his upcoming public art installation to be held in Hollywood sometime in the near future. (left)

Jason Saunders, Cultural Affairs, brought us back to the Santa Monica Boulevard Transit Parkway by discussing the upcoming public art installations that are a part of the large and unsafe roadway project. (center)

The theme of the SMBT Parkway is Route 66. The landscaping will transition from the east to the west, reflecting the natural flora one would experience on a Route 66 journey from Santa Monica all the way to Illinois.

The Public Art element of the SMBT Parkway consists of large “medallions” hung from streetlight fixtures, each one representing a different State found on Route 66.

Throughout the evening, the venue, the event, the people, the mode of transportation, the conversation, the public art, the gestalt, everything came together to remind us that “getting there” is just as much a part of the adventure of life in Los Angeles as “being there.”

Slow down, look around, you may already be where you need to be!

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